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Focke-Wulf Fw190A-4 6./JG54 Obfw. Heinrich Sterr
Author: Revolver
Downloads: 2811
Bf109G-4 W.Nr.19310
Author: Revolver
Downloads: 2543
Bf 109G-6/Trop. G.Amon
Author: Wotan
Downloads: 2471
Spit 26GvIAP '44-'45 by Myshlayevsky
Author: Myshlayevsky
Downloads: 1988
Fw 190 A-5/U14 TD+SI
Author: Wotan
Downloads: 1718
Author: Wotan
Downloads: 1491
Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VIII Shark Attack!
Author: Asura
Downloads: 1393
I-153 painted as Pitts S-2B Special
Author: LSA
Downloads: 1115
Bf 109G-4/R-6 W.Nr.14997
Author: Wotan
Downloads: 1101
Author: LSA
Downloads: 1080
Bf-109G: Bf 109G-4/R-6 W.Nr.14997
Bf 109G-4/R-6 W.Nr.14997
Author: Wotan
Type: Historical
Country: Germany
Markings: Germany
Camo: Universal
Size: 1024*1024
Pilot name: Erich Hartmann
Unit: 7./JG 52
Tactical number: 2 + ~
Description: Bf 109G-4/R-6 W.Nr.14997 KJ+GU Erich Hartmann 7./JG 52 East Front. Kuban. May 1943 At this time a rare event occurred in the corps, one seldom repeated throughout the war. The deputy commander of the 812th IAP, Kapitan Pavel Tarasov, managed to lead a Bf 109G-4/R6 (Wr. N 14997) to Soviet lines and force it to land. The operational summary of 4th Air Army on this day notes: "A group of Yak-1 pilots formed a ring around a Bf 109 and forced it to land near Mayskiy, south of Slavyanskaya. The pilot was taken into custody." Here is what happened. After accomplishing the mission for covering ground troops, Kapitan Pavel Tarasov noticed that a single Bf 109 was below and to the right of his group. Deciding to attack the enemy, Tarasov and a Yak with a black prop spinner quickly came up behind the Messerschmitt. He crowded the German fighter toward the ground, and both fighters led the German toward Soviet territory. Kapitan Tarasov wanted to deliver the captured German fighter to his own airfield, but
Download: Download skin  Size:430 Kb
Downloads: 1101
Date: 11/15/2008 6:47:00 PM
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